Safety System

CCTV Systems:
Al-Keiadiyoon through offering a variety of CCTV systems & accessories with high quality , reliability and cost effectiveness, can absolutely add confidence & security to every application. Due to the unique requirements of each side , we offer a comprehensive line included.    

  • Black ,white & color camers, indoor & out door , high resolution & low light cameras.
  • General purpose ,dome & recessed dome, wireless, & PTZ dome camers.
  • Monitors, monochrome or color.
  • Multiplexers & telemetry.
  • Video transmission & recording.

Digital recording:
The DVMRe triplex combines a digital video multiplexer & digital video recorder in one unit, it gives you a superior quality image and save both your money from using the video tape and the headache of VCR maintenance and video tape management, as well as it records video from up to 16 cameras.

Networked CCTV systems:
Offering digital wireless video solutions for CCTV systems & IP networks add ultimate flexibility, installation costs reduce and innovative solutions in the form of advanced CCTV and video networking.



Personals & vehicles is a basic issue to be controlled for either security purposes or time attendance , hence defining the right access control solutions combined barriers, cards, fingerprint and ID readers is our highest priority to assure safety & tranquility.

We can provide the most up to the date integrated access control solutions as well as the quality you have relied on over the years. Now you can depend on us for choosing the right access control solution that suits your requirements.

Biometrics & time attendance :
  • Fingerprint Proxmity.
  • Pin Proxmity reader.
  • Facial & Proximity /reader.
  • Proximity keypad reader.
  • Proximity card reader.
  • Long range reader.


Al-keiadiyoon offer a flexible range of metal detectors that includes both walks through, indoor or out door, and a various types of hand held for security screening & x –ray security screening systems.It is one of the most important advantages to produce such significant line from the leading manufacturer’s world wide in order to meet our client’s needs.

Improved Detection Performance:
Pinpoints targets- rights left or centre of body from head to toe.
Zone by zone calibration optimizes detection field than 50 % false alarm rates capability.

Under vehicle inspection-Camera system:
Used worldwide at entrances to VIP Building ,these system scan within seconds the under carriage of vehicles for contraband.
SCANNA: world leader in X-Ray image Recognition including Electronic Mail scanners suitable for all offices, Hotels and Government. Just launched , the latest multiple application of Portable x-ray Viewing Systems. 
We can provide sufficient range of fire protection systems & maintenance services.
  • Spinkler systems.
  • Fire suppression systems.
  • Ventilation systems.


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