Safety Policy

We are dedicated to maintaining a safety-focused and environmentally sound business. This commitment is central to everything we do. Our proactive approach creates value for our clients and safeguards our most important asset - our employees. Our outstanding safety performance not only protects lives, but also benefits our clients in terms of increased productivity and reduced projects costs.

Quality Assurance

Every process at Al-Keiadiyoon United Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd. is subject to a stringent quality control system adopted by deploying the most modern technologies. Our adherence to international levels of quality control and management policies has ensured the highest levels of service standards and complete customer satisfaction. Besides our highly reliable safety policies ensure a safe and conductive work environment to our staff. We have time and again, excelled our track record, there by, outshining the competition.

All persons performing quality assurance functions have the authority & organizational freedom to perform and identify quality related problems and to initiate recommend and / or provide solutions. The quality control dept. shall carryout all the aspects of inspections, with fully qualified personnel, The main aim of these inspections and audit is to assure that the client's specifications and or / applicable  codes,standards are in accordance with the contract documents and that they are adhered to.

M/s. Al-Keiadiyoon United Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd. quality assurance and quality control system shall be in compliance with the requirements of ASME, API, ANSI and AWS & required national & international code and specifications for the various areas of fabrication of any type of equipments, assembles, testing, painting etc.

The QA / QC dept.personnel have the authority to hold any job activity that in their opinion does not conform to the applicable specifications and or clients required specifications.
The QA / QC dept.shall assure that they will see that all the equipment, machinery, gauges etc. should possess valid calibration certificate.


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